Honey Bee Happy

“For the love of bees,
wildlife and conservation.”

Artisan Beekeepers — following our ancestors down the ethical route.

Looking after bees is a magical experience, especially when you have breath-taking views across the Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey countryside.

We are now taking orders for UK reared spring NUCs 2024

Existing Bee Keeper or starting your own hive? We are now taking orders for spring NUCS, available for collection May/June 2024. For more information please complete the form or call us on 07525 808361.

“For the love of bees” — what does that actually mean?

Well simply, at Honey Bee Happy we really do love bees. Bees perform a task that is vital to the survival of agriculture — pollination. In fact, one third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees, so without these amazing but tiny creatures we would struggle to feed ourselves.

Our mission is to share our passion and knowledge of bees and conservation of the beautiful with every effort to be sustainable.

Why love bees?

The Honey Bee Happy head beekeeper’s passion for bees started at an early age as they have both come from families where their Grandfathers were beekeepers. They shared their passion and knowledge and taught them about the wisdom of the bees. A phrase Rachel’s Grandfather would often be heard saying was that “The bees know best!”

Rachel and her team have taken their passion from Ethical Beekeepers into the Bee Farmers realm by continuing to follow their ancestors down the ethical route. They believe in doing it the traditional way, which is more commonly referred to as ‘ The Artisan Way’. Over the last few years this family business has expanded its Bee population by acquiring more hives.

Our apairies

In the main apiary near Alresford the bees enjoy 5 acres of hedgerows and woodlands in the setting of the beautiful South Downs National Park. 

The host are throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex range from mixture of lavender and wild flower forage, beautiful flora of urban gardens, rural farmland of hedgerows and borage and amazing fruity, sweet orchards. This provides a wide range of different honeys in the spring and the summer from light and fruity to rich, deep and dark.

Supporting Hart Wildlife Rescue

We support Hart Wildlife Rescue all year around with a donation of 50p from every jar of Honey sold and are putting bee hives on Hart Wildlife property in spring 2021.

HART Wildlife Rescue is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre based in Medstead, near Alton. HART is a registered charity and is Hampshire’s largest wildlife rescue centre, rescuing over 3600 animals per year, with these numbers rising annually. We rely on the support of organisations such as honeybee happy to allow us to continue carrying out our vital work.

Bee part of our colony

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